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Феланич, поделены земли для строительства трех таунхаусов G01971

поблочного Финка для строительства трех типичных Майорки загородный дом в тихом месте сына Prohens в Felanitx. Цена: 360.000 €
Феланич Финка в течение трех загородных домов для продажи на Майорке
  • Феланич Финка в течение трех загородных домов для продажи на Майорке
  • Купить Felanitx недвижимости на юго-востоке Майорки
  • Продажи земельных участков Felanitx на юго-востоке Майорки
  • Феланич сельских земель для продажи на юго-востоке Майорки

Only about 5 km outside the town of Felanitx is this Finca plot in a quiet and scenic location of Son Prohens, one of the preferred residential areas of Felanitx. The 44.000 m² large Finca plot with a stock of beautiful almond trees is completely fenced with a natural stone wall, easily accessible via a well-maintained dirt road and offers great views over the countryside to the monastery of San Salvador. The finca land is parceled out and it may in accordance with the currently valid building standards of the community Felanitx three country-houses built, each with up to 450 m² living space on two floors. For the water supply a well can be drilled, the connection to the public electricity grid is possible.

In the southeast of Mallorca, 60 km east of Palma, the small town of Felanitx is located at the foot of the monastery of San Salvador. The distance to the coastal towns of Porto Colom and Cala d'Or with many lovely sandy bays is 16 km. The well-known Stable Son Menut is about 10 km away. The monastery of San Salvador offers beautiful views of the entire coastline. Characteristic for Felanitx are the towers of the once 25 windmills on the hills situated on the outskirts. On Sundays there is excitement in the town, the streets around the church are filled with market stalls.

Price: 360.000 €