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Santanyi, участок в тихом районе G02190

хочу, чтобы насладиться тишиной и покоем в заповедной Мондрьей собственности для любителей природы. Цена: 395.000 €
Тихая Земля для продажи в Santanyi
  • Тихая Земля для продажи в Santanyi
  • Участок с большим количеством растительности в Сантани для продажи
  • купить тихий участок на юго-востоке Майорки
  • Участок в тихом районе, в пространстве купить Santanyi

This plot is for nature lovers to enjoy peace and seclusion. Between the beaches of S'amarador and Cala Mondrago is this plot with an area of 27.470 m² in absolute rest position. The property is divided by a dirt road, which is also an access road to this idyll. Both parcels are fenced with a natural stone wall and have very lush vegetation. The view extends to the village of S'Alqueria Blanca and the hills around the monastery Consolació. The currently valid building standards allow on this plot the construction of a country house with up to 500 m² of living space on two floors as well as a swimming pool with up to 100 m² water level. Connections to the public electricity and water supply are possible; for cost reasons, however, a solution with photovoltaics and its own well is recommended.

The town of Santanyi is not called the Pearl of the South East for no reason. The well-kept village with its restored houses, a year-round well-functioning infrastructure, rich cultural offering, the famous weekly market, fine dining, and proximity to some of the most beautiful bays on the island are part of the many advantages of this place.

Price: 395.000 €