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Santanyi, the small town in the southeast of Mallorca with far back a wealth of history and a lovely old town is rather quiet, tranquil and traditional. Comfort and peace are announced.
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Only a few kilometers from the southeastern coast of Mallorca lies the rural town of Santanyi. Beside agricultural holdings, based on the cultivation of almond trees have specialized, is the removal of sand-lime is the most important industry in Santanyi. Already been dismantled here is sandstone, which originally bright color with the time yellow-brown shades accepts. Thus, among others, the cathedral La Seu in Palma sandstone from Santanyi built. But even today still enjoys the sandstone from Santanyi great popularity among builders across the island. As today's municipal headquarters of the coastal region around Cala D'Or, Cala Figuera and Cala Santanyi opens up to tourism a further source of revenue for Santanyi. Although Cala Santanyi does not so overcrowded and installed as similar bays of Majorca, it may be closely watching in the season but here also. In the immediate vicinity of Cala Santanyi is the beautiful bay of Cala Llombards, especially when guests from Cala Figuera very popular. So far no significant tourist infrastructure in these bays and of course still very much drag mainly day visitors and individual tourists. Attractions - Excursions Porta Murada and parts of the city walls of Santanyi, the last vestiges of the former city fortifications. Parish Church of Sant Andreu, houses one of the most precious organs in Spain by Jordi Bosch was built. Capilla de Roser, beautiful, Romanesque-style chapel, next to the church. Nuestra Senora de la Consolación, historic church from Alqueria pilgrimage Blanca and Santanyi located. Ses Salines and Cap de Ses Salines, looking town with a beautiful lighthouse on the coast. Important addresses and information: AYUNTAMIENTO: Plaça Major, 12 - 0765 Teléfonos: 971 65 30 02 / Fax: 971 16 30 07 E-mail: ajuntament@ajsantanyí.net POLICÍA LOCAL: Plaça Major, 12. Tel. 971 65 30 02 OFICINA MUNICIPAL DE TURISMO: Av. Perico Pomar, 10- Tel: 971 65 74 63 Market: Plaça Major, wednesday and saturday. FIESTAS: Sant Jaume, 25 de julio; Sant Andreu, 30 de noviembre. Feria penúltimo sábado de octubre.