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Cas Concos

Cas Concos, this typical, quaint little village is an ideal base from which to reach the larger towns around, the beaches of the Southeast and some attraction.
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Ca `s Concos, the small place between Santanyi and Felanitx belongs to the municipality of Porto Colom. Area of the municipality: 169.75 km ², average height above sea level: 144m, population: about 823, distance to Palma: 60 km. As in any place you can find here also a large church, which is the center of town. The church itself dates from 1893. In the resort and surrounding area, some art galleries have moved. There are several restaurants and bars and small shops. South of Ca's Concos towards S'Alquería Blanca, is the Puig Gros (271m). Below the summit was over 400 years ago built a fortress (Santuari de la Consolació). This served as a refuge for the residents of the town Santanyi that have been repeatedly plagued by pirates. In the courtyard even has its own cistern was created. Inside the chapel is the effigy of St. Scholastica, the sister of St. Benedict. Scholastica is revered because of their rain-bringing forces. Even today, residents flock to the shrine, when the harvest threatens to dry up. For a Majorcan legend, Scholastica've asked once the rain to stop her brother Benedict to his departure. The result according to legend was raining there for four days and her brother was thus prevented from leaving. North, towards Porto Colom, is the Castell de Santueri, on a 408m high cliffs. The Arabs built the castle and the Latin name "Castri de Santueri" is already documented 1228th 1231 it was conquered by King James I. During the 14Jh. have been many alterations and renovations carried out. A very twisty and in places steep driveway leads up into the Sierra de Levante. Here are the remains of a great of the past three fortifications. Even the Romans were using the mountain top to build a watchtower. From here, the entire west coast was surveyed. The fort was sold in 1811, to a large landowner. Unfortunately, only portions of the perimeter wall and the tower have been preserved. But the journey is definitely worthwhile to enjoy the magnificent panoramic view and perhaps been moved to the thinking of history. On a clear distance vision, the view extends to the rest of Balearinseln. For here was under Moorish rule a mighty castle, has made the Christians armies long after the conquest of Mallorca by Jaume I. fierce but unsuccessful resistance. "Hamburger Hill": With "Hamburger Hill" is both a geographical area and a rural high society largely meant German origin, who settled on a range of hills between Cas Concos and Santanyí and the environment. In a restaurant, opened in the late 90s, she found her proper style meeting place: the Viena photographer, art collector and restaurateur Rainer Fichel from Hamburg Common denominator:.. understated good taste and tremendous buying power is unimpressive Accordingly, the facade of this scene-meeting place.