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the manor Sa Cabana d'es Frares from the year 1578 located in Palma de Mallorca has a living space of 2.400 sqm at 330.000 sqm of land. Price: on request

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Finca Sa Cabana d´es Frares located in Son Sardina, near the stadium of RCD Mallorca, with 1.656 m² residential and 2.407 m² area for agriculture and livestock, has a well after the mining law where up to 6500 cubic meters of water / year may promote. In addition, the finca has the marketing rights and the right to use water from the source Pere Font de Mestre.

The Finca Sa Cabana D'es Frares it first appears in the estimated land from Palma de Mallorca in the decrees of New Varieties of Plants in the sixteenth century. 1578: Together with the Bibiloni mills owned by the monks of the Carthusian Monastery of Valldemossa. Today the estate is an asset of cultural interest under the agreement dated September 28th of 2006.

Sa Cabana D'es Frares has an area of 316 833 m², of which 8.440 m² are nature reserve and the remaining 308.393 m² area for agricultural crops and livestock. The current complex consists of a main house, the servants' quarters and a range of agricultural outbuildings.

The main building, whose roof was recently refurbished, has four wings, which are grouped around a central courtyard. The main facade is a symmetrical arrangement of three floors in a building. Behind the main house on the left side of the servants' quarters are located, each with ground floor and first floor. Thus a facade presents with symmetrical arrangement of windows and doors. The area of these buildings for residential purposes is total 1.656,39 square meters. The following agricultural units provide a usable area of 2.407,22 square meters.

Price: on request

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